The story so far

The Fat Bear, an American regional restaurant in London was originally envisioned in 2012. The founding team, drawn from across some of the best hospitality operators and brands in the country (Hawksmoor, Social Eating House, Drake & Morgan) set out hosting single night pop-up events, ultimately culminating in a 3 month long residency in the Sun & 13 Canton in Soho.

Having proven their chops, the team secured funding to open a full-time home in Carter Lane, between Blackfriars and St Paul's.

After 3 years of serving up some of London's best fried chicken, gumbo and a panoply of other classic American dishes from across the States, with an emphasis on Southern, Cajun & Creole and Soul Food, the Fat Bear team are looking at opportunities to expand to a second site in 2018/9.