Judy Ong


Born and raised in New York City, Judy has studied the cuisines of the many states, with an emphasis on Cajun, Creole and Southern Soul Food. Frequent research trips to Louisiana (New Orleans), Missouri (St. Louis), California (San Francisco), Charleston (South Carolina), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and Washington DC, as well as studying under numerous chefs, has equipped her with a repertoire of American classics, meaning you'll enjoy some of the best American food in London.

Gareth Rees


Having family from the USA, even though he was born in London, meant that the States always held a certain allure for him. As the years went on he had the opportunity to travel extensively, where he increasingly explored the superb regional foods and drinks of America. 

Recognising that both his American wife (Judy) and American expats would be missing their Southern fried chicken, gumbo, jambalaya and staples like truly great Buffalo wings, he recognised the need for a proper American restaurant in London.

Stuart anderson


Hailing originally from Ballyclare, our resident Northern Irishman has returned to London, after working alongside some of the best bartenders in the UK during his time in Nottingham, and subsequently Stockholm.

Stuart's extensive knowledge of whiskey means that not only does The Fat Bear offer one of the best collections of American whiskeys in London, but also an ever-growing collection of carefully selected Scotch, Japanese and Irish.